Notes from the AZA 2014 Annual Conference

Photo from 2014 AZA Conference

September 22, 2014

The AZA 2014 Annual Conference has now come to a close. This year with IMATA joining forces with AZA for the conference, they had an estimated over 3,000 people attending the conference. It was great to see both organizations coming together and share their expertise. It allowed and encourage AZA and IMATA members the unique opportunity to learn from each other. The sessions provided a link between conservation programming and communication between both organizations.

With the animal rights activist getting a stronger voice, it was very important to talk openly about the issues all zoos and aquariums face daily. We have learned that by teaming up with not only the zoos and aquariums themselves but with the architects, engineers and vendors, we can provide a safe, educational habitats and exhibits for all animals.

Each member who attended the conference had the chance to have a unique experience in attending special programming at SeaWorld Orlando, behind the scenes at Disney Animal Kingdom as well as many other special events. We are already looking forward to next year’s conference. Well done AZA and IMATA!