The Satchell Engineering Team

Satchell Engineering & Associates' team has worked together for over 20 years, completing hundreds of Life Support Systems (LSS) projects together. Our team consists of senior engineers, aquatic engineers, senior designers and drafters all dedicated to the LSS industry. In addition to our LSS design staff; we have business management personnel, an accounting controller, and marketing staff to assist with our daily operations. Along with our world renowned LSS engineering design experience, we are able to provide additional services such as life support system operations, operator training, operational manuals, and technical review of existing designs from an owner/operators standpoint.

Key Personnel

Photo of Robert Satchell

Robert Satchell

President/Program Manager

Robert is president of Satchell Engineering & Associates. He is actively involved in all phases of design: concept development through construction administration. Robert has over 20 years experience designing water and wastewater treatment facilities and specialty water features, specializing in aquatic animal exhibit water treatment systems. Robert is a registered professional engineer in several states and has worked on overseas projects in Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. He is experienced in the planning, design, analysis and construction of water transmission, distribution, and pumping systems as well as water/waste water treatment systems that include unique material selection for varying environments. The systems Robert has designed utilize a wide variety of treatment processes including air floatation, pressure vessel filtration, ozonation, bio-filtration, reverse osmosis, as well as selecting a variety of pumping systems to accomplish the intended task.

Photo of Judy Satchell

Judy Satchell

Senior Engineer

Judy is a senior engineer with over 20 years of engineering design and analysis experience in addition to project management experience. Judy is actively involved in all aspects of the design and analysis as well as providing quality control. Judy’s design and analysis experience comprises of whole system design, analysis to size equipment, including hydraulics and computational fluid dynamics. Her expertise in analysis allows for better designs resulting in more efficient and reliable systems for our clients.

Photo of Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez

Senior Designer

Over 20 years experience working as an Autocad designer in the LSS industry. He has extensive experience in recent Asian projects including Hengqin Ocean Kingdom where he was responsible for the ACAD production of the entire marine park. As Lead designer interfacing with engineers, drafters and designers participating in project coordination meetings and managing the drawing development. In addition to his design work, Jose is the AutoCAD Manager. He oversees new software upgrades and trainings to keep our design and drafting staff up to date and up to speed with ongoing software developments. Jose has also taken the lead on developing and maintaining our in-house drafting standards.

Photo of Andrea Scott

Andrea Scott

Associate Engineer

Andrea Scott is an Associate Engineer at Satchell Engineering & Associates. She is an integral part of the design and analysis for our aquatic life support systems. Her involvement on projects include equipment sizing, hydraulic analysis, quality control, and preparing design documents. In addition, she assists with construction administration services which requires thorough familiarity with the design components and specifications.