About Satchell Engineering

We are a team, foremost and utmost. At the heart of our business, we work towards delivering unsurpassed engineering designs and developing strong client relationships for the aquatic life support services (LSS) industry. Our expertise includes marine parks, aquariums, zoological parks, research laboratories, and resorts that offer aquatic experiences to their guests.

Our team is comprised of people that have up to twenty five plus years of experience in the LSS industry. This experience is what makes us a world class competitor in the industry. Our team is led by Robert Satchell, PE who has designed hundreds of LSS systems throughout the world, including SeaWorld Abu Dhabi and Chimelong’s Ocean Kingdom, two of the world’s largest marine parks.

We pride ourselves in engineering unique cost-effective solutions; designing and drafting concise detailed documents; using our knowledge to teach; extending our ambition to continually learn; and overall having fun doing what we love every day. Experience is what we have. Challenges are what we solve. Solutions are what we create. Contact Satchell Engineering & Associates for all of your LSS needs.