Services provided by Satchell Engineering

The services we provide are tailored to meeting the specific needs of each client and project.
Satchell Engineering & Associates’ goal is to provide a healthy environment for the species
while exceeding the client’s expectations.

Concept Design: During conceptual phase of a project, we review the client’s vision of the
project and knowledgeably process the idea into a realistic and appropriate design. We work
with the owner and consultants to create a working design from their ideas which meets the
specific requirements for the aquatic LSS. We work with client’s LSS budget and space
constraints to develop an optimal design. We create a narrative outlining the proposed process,
defining filtration and equipment to ensure proper water quality.

Schematic Design: Based on the project requirements, we provide basic drawings showing the
process flow diagrams (PFD) and explaining the process to meet the owners’ design goals.
During this phase, we develop a design narrative or Basis of Design (BOD), verify volumes and
ensure proper sizing of the aquatic LSS. During this project phase, SE&A provides process flow
diagrams, space requirements, cost estimating for LSS equipment and provides coordination with
other sub-consultants.

Design Development: We provide piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) further
progressing the PFDs, provide equipment schedules, and prepare typical details of the system.
We provide preliminary hydraulic analysis, perform preliminary heat transfer analysis, provide
or review the LSS cost estimate, and develop the outline specifications for the LSS equipment.

Construction Documents: SE&A provides construction documents: equipment specifications
and drawings produced in CAD. SE&A provides coordination with architects, MEP engineers,
structural engineers, civil engineers, etc. to ensure a properly designed system. SE&A completes
computer hydraulics and performs a detailed heat transfer analysis to ensure an energy efficient
system. We provide plans and details suitable for bidding and construction services.

Construction Administration: To ensure proper construction of the project, we offer
construction administration to our clients. This allows us to observe construction through site
visits, answer bidders’ questions, clarify design documents through the RFI process, and review
equipment submittals and shop drawings. We also provide engineering principles to operational
staff and assist or provide information during testing and startup.

Additional Services provided by Satchell Engineering & Associates:

  • Master Planning
    • Marine Parks
    • Aquariums
    • Zoological Facilities
    • Resorts
  • Operations Support
    • Husbandry
    • Commissioning
  • Peer Review – Site Evaluation
  • CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Animal Swim Treadmills/Jets
    • Pool Circulation Analysis
  • FEA – Finite Element Analysis
    • FRP tanks structural analysis
    • FRP stands structural analysis
    • Acrylic Window structural analysis
  • Cost Estimating
  • Dye testing of pools to identify problems
  • Water Parks – Lazy River and Water Slides
  • Swim and Interaction with aquatic animals
  • Waterfalls and Specialty Water Features
  • Project Renovations
    • Design Temporary Facilities
    • Temporary Dams
    • As-Built Drawings of Existing Infrastructure
  • Seawater Intake Design
  • Seawater Discharge Treatment
  • Seawater Well Design
  • Water Quality Analysis