Exciting news! The construction of the Denny Sanford Elephant Valley habitat at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park is now in full swing. Satchell Engineering & Associates has played a pivotal role since the project’s inception in 2019, designing the LSS from its early stages. Anticipation is building as we look forward to witnessing the elephants relish their fresh environment.

This extraordinary venture is set to offer a distinctive experience for visitors, allowing them to immerse themselves in the elephants’ world by strolling along an elevated platform above them.

As for the elephants, they will soon indulge in their new home, complete with a newly designed west-side pool. This pool is thoughtfully divided into three distinct sections: the main elephant pool, a marsh area boasting planters for aquatic flora, and a marsh bird pool. A dedicated life support system will ensure water quality for both the main pool, marsh area, and marsh bird pool within the west side area. Furthermore, the East Elephant Pool has been redesigned with its own dedicated filtration system. The redesign of the East and West pools will save the Park thousands of gallons of water yearly with the new LSS system as an improvement over the existing fill and dump pools.

We’re thrilled about the imminent completion of this elephant habitat, projected for 2025. The prospect of witnessing these majestic creatures thrive in their enhanced environment is truly remarkable.

Stay tuned for further updates on this remarkable project.