Camden, New Jersey

Satchell Engineering & Associates (SE&A) offered engineering design services to Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. for the  transformation of an old seal exhibit into a penguin habitat. SE&A designed a Life Support System (LSS) for the freshwater habitats of African and Little Blue penguins. A key aspect of the design was the exploration of repurposing abandoned equipment from the previous seal exhibit.

The new penguin habitat was to consist of three separate exhibits, totaling 14,000 gallons of freshwater. These included the main exhibit for African Penguins, a nesting exhibit for African Penguins, and a dedicated exhibit for Little Blue Penguins. The design focused on enabling both underwater and above-water viewing experiences through acrylic windows. Special attention was given to water quality to ensure outstanding underwater visibility.

SE&A provided the design team and the client with engineering and coordination from schematic design through construction documents. Satchell Engineering & Associates designed the LSS filtration, disinfection systems, and vacuum pump system to maintain proper water quality for the design of the penguin habitat. See Photo Gallery