Republic of Georgia

The Batumi Dolphinarium, situated in the Republic of Georgia, serves as a home to numerous dolphins and Pinnipeds. In this project, Robert played a pivotal role in designing the Life Support System (LSS) for the facility, ensuring it meets the latest requirements for housing marine mammals in captivity. The LSS comprises various living pools specifically designed for Pinnipeds and Cetaceans, with a total water capacity of 3,724,000 liters. The facility also includes two holding pools, each with a capacity of 812,000 liters, as well as dedicated quarantine pools.

The LSS is equipped with advanced mechanical filtration systems that efficiently filter the water every two hours. As part of this process, the water undergoes ozone purification before being returned to the pools. Moreover, the system closely monitors and controls important water parameters such as temperature, salinity, pH, and the chemical and bacteriological quality of the water. This meticulous oversight ensures optimal living conditions for the marine mammals, promoting their well-being and health at the Batumi Dolphinarium.