Zhuhai, China

The Chimelong Group’s Hengqin Ocean Kingdom is an all-new marine park situated on approximately 70 hectares on Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, China. This park includes five bio-zones from around the world to house many major exhibits, plus back-of-house animal care facilities. One major zone is a an aquarium building with over 20,000 cubic meters of water. The Life Support Systems included a number of separate LSS’s, plus backwash recovery, ammonia removal-nitrification processes, brine making, and recirculation systems. The LSS includes the design of a reverse osmosis (RO) system for regulation of salinity and compensation of rainwater accumulation in the open tanks. The exhibits display cetaceans, pinnipeds, sharks and other fishes, dolphins, penguins and alcids. The total volume of the exhibit and animal care pools is more than 20,000 cubic meters, and the total flow rate of the LSS’s is greater than 17,000 m^3/hr. A major feature of the park is the world’s largest acrylic underwater viewing panel. Robert Satchell coordinated with the design architect on inlet and outlet locations to ensure these items would be hidden from the view of guests.  See Photo Gallery