Springfield, IL

Satchell Engineering & Associates (SE&A), provided engineering concept design for the Henson Robinson Zoo, Penguin Exhibit. SE&A’s concept design consisted of assessing the old Life Support System (LSS) and providing a full written report on recommendations and goals for a renovated Penguin Habitat. The new penguin exhibit included controlled water temperatures, compliance with new AZA parameters, and improved recirculation to minimize water discharge and eliminate the fill and dump. The Henson Robinson Zoo wanted to increase the Penguin Exhibit population to 15 birds, reduce the water changes, and increase bird interaction in the exhibit while improving water quality in the exhibit to ensure a healthy environment for the animals and clarity for the viewing public. SE&A offered numerous options for the zoos to review.

SE&A’s concept design for the Penguin Exhibit at the Henson Robinson Zoo aimed to create an enhanced and sustainable habitat for the penguins while providing an engaging experience for visitors.