Louisville, KY

In May 2016, the Penguin Cove at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky was unveiled to the public. This remarkable exhibit serves as the home for Little Blue Penguins, indigenous to the southern coast of Australia.

The Penguin Cove project involved the conversion of an existing exhibit pool to accommodate the unique needs of the penguins. One of the major challenges faced was the requirement to incorporate additional filtration systems while minimizing disruption to the majority of the exhibit pool.

The penguin exhibit itself boasts a freshwater habitat with a capacity of 13,000 gallons. To ensure optimal water quality and environmental conditions for the penguins, a comprehensive Life Support System (LSS) was implemented. The LSS features sand filtration to effectively remove impurities, along with heating and chilling mechanisms to maintain the water temperature within the appropriate range. Additionally, disinfection measures are employed to safeguard the health and well-being of the penguins.

Through the successful execution of the Penguin Cove project, the Louisville Zoo has provided an engaging and sustainable environment for the Little Blue Penguins, offering visitors an opportunity to observe and appreciate these fascinating creatures in a habitat designed to meet their specific requirements. See Project Gallery