Syracuse, NY

The first major project in a series of new improvements by the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, the new elephant pool offers a refreshing change of habitat for the seven elephants currently in residence. The pool will assist with skin care and protection from the sun. Designed to appear as one large pool, it is actually two, mimicking the type of watering hole elephants would encounter in the wild. The first pool is 3 feet deep for wading. The second is 6 feet deep and provides a spot to swim and cool down. The combined 50,000 gallon pool has a surface area of nearly 4000 square feet.

$1.8 million dollars went into the construction of the pool. Satchell Engineering and Associates designed the LSS systems and piping necessary for particulate filtration, heating/chilling, disinfection, and a pre filtration screening basin. SE&A worked with local contractors until the pool’s completion.