Saint Louis, MO

Robert Satchell played a key role in the design of the Life Support System (LSS) for the Sea Lion Sound exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo. This captivating exhibit offers visitors a unique and immersive experience with its sea lion stadium, natural main pool, underwater viewing tunnel, and holding pools.

Spanning 1.5 acres and costing $18 million, the habitat and arena were specifically designed to accommodate 11 California sea lions. The exhibit showcases two state-of-the-art marine mammal exhibits, creating a dynamic and engaging environment for both the sea lions and zoo visitors.

Impressively, the Sea Lion Sound exhibit holds nearly 250,000 gallons of saltwater, providing the sea lions with a spacious and realistic aquatic habitat. What sets this exhibit apart is the inclusion of a groundbreaking feature: a 35-foot-long walk-through underwater tunnel that offers visitors an up-close and personal view into the sea lions’ habitat. This innovative design element made the Sea Lion Sound exhibit the first of its kind in North America.  See Photo Gallery