Rochester, New York

Satchell Engineering & Associates (SE&A) is proud our involvement in the design of Life Support System (LSS) services for the Tropics Complex at Seneca Park Zoo with projected opening 2025. Our dedicated design team is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for a variety of habitats within this exciting project.

The focal point of the Tropics Complex will be a aquarium, spanning approximately 220,000 gallons of saltwater. This feature will showcase a diverse array of marine life, including small sharks, turtles, and various reef fish. Furthermore, the complex will house secondary jewel tanks, featuring captivating species such as the Giant Pacific Octopus, Sea Horse, Leafy Sea Dragon, Pipefish, Moon Jellyfish, Anemone, and Clownfish.

Expanding beyond aquatic exhibits, the Tropics Complex will feature additional habitats for Chinese Alligators, Pythons, Komodo Dragons, Clouded Leopards, and Orangutans, providing visitors with a immersive experience.

SE&A’s design team is dedicated to ensuring the success of the  Tropics Complex by implementing state-of-the-art life support systems. Our expertise will cover essential aspects such as tank hydraulics, habitat overflow, particulate filtration, protein skimming, temperature control, and disinfection.

SE&A will continue to offer our expertise and support throughout the design and construction administration phases, ensuring the successful realization of this extraordinary project.