Ten years ago, Satchell Engineering & Associates, Inc. (SE&A) opened its doors to the LSS industry. For this momentous occasion, we would like to share with you how SE&A became what it is today.

Back in 2013, Robert was contemplating his future in the LSS industry. After 20 years in the aquatic LSS engineering field, Robert needed to decide what direction to take moving forward. At the time, his wife Judy was doing engineering consulting. Rob’s childhood friend and colleague, Anthony, was also around while they were meddling with their plans. While Anthony was waiting for his hip replacement surgeries, he had a little time to brainstorm ideas with them. Judy and Anthony looked at each other and then looked at Robert and said, “Hey Robert, why don’t you start your own LSS company”. That is the single moment in time that changed all their lives forever.

What happened next was a whirlwind. We sat in Robert’s home office, got a large white board, some markers and started to brainstorm. First, we needed to come up with a company name. Knowing that Robert’s name was widely known and respected in the LSS industry, it was decided that Satchell Engineering & Associates, Inc. would provide instant recognition and creditability.

Immediately we were off and running. Within the first week we created a legal corporation, a company logo, the company website and started marketing SE&A. Once we found office space to rent, we opened the doors to Satchell Engineering & Associates, Inc. and brought in an accountant and Senior Designer. Robert handpicked our Senior Designer that he had worked with for many years. We sent out the news that Robert was offering Aquatic Life Support Systems and water filtration engineering as Satchell Engineering & Associates.

Our first three projects were thrust into design and engineering within the first few months we were opened. Fast forward 10 years, and it is amazing at what we have accomplished. We have acquired a larger office and expanded our company to include additional engineers, drafters, and support staff. We have completed 100’s of LSS projects globally including the largest indoor marine park in the world slated to open this summer!

None of this could have happened without the support of our clients, friends, and family members who have supported us from the beginning. We look forward to seeing what the next 10 years brings to Satchell Engineering & Associates, Inc. We hope you all continue to join us on our journey!

Thank you,

Satchell Engineering & Associates