About Me

Robert, as the President of Satchell Engineering & Associates, is a key driving force behind the success and innovation of our company. With a remarkable track record and extensive expertise in various areas of engineering, Robert’s contributions are invaluable.

Robert actively engages in all phases of the design process, from concept development to construction administration. With over 25 years of experience in designing water and wastewater treatment facilities and specialty water features, he has developed a profound understanding of aquatic animal exhibit water treatment systems. His specialization in this field allows him to bring a unique perspective and expertise to our projects.

Being a registered professional engineer in multiple states and having worked on projects in Asia and Europe In the Middle East and the Caribbean, Robert possesses a global perspective and a deep understanding of diverse environments. He excels in the planning, design, analysis, and construction of water transmission, distribution, and pumping systems (Life Support Systems). His expertise extends to water and wastewater treatment systems, where he carefully selects materials suitable for varying environments to ensure optimal functionality and longevity.

The systems Robert designs incorporate a wide range of treatment processes, including air flotation, pressure vessel filtration, ozonation, biofiltration, reverse osmosis, and various pumping systems. His ability to select and integrate these processes effectively allows us to achieve or sustain project goals efficiently and sustainably.

Robert’s leadership, technical prowess, and dedication to delivering exceptional results set the tone for our company. Under his guidance, Satchell Engineering & Associates continues to thrive and excel in providing innovative engineering solutions for our clients.