In 2010, the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District took a significant step by closing escrow on a vacant 10.4-acre property with the intention of relocating the Zoo. A plan was set in motion to establish the new Big Bear Alpine Zoo on approximately 5.6 acres of the western section of the acquired property. Fast forward to 2022, and the new Big Bear Alpine Zoo has successfully opened its doors at the new location.

As part of the esteemed team entrusted with designing the new Zoo property, SE&A played a pivotal role. Specifically, SE&A provided Construction Documents for exhibits that incorporate water elements necessitating filtration systems for efficient recirculation. These filtration systems are vital for maintaining the water quality and ensuring the well-being of the aquatic life within the exhibits. By utilizing SE&A’s expertise, the new Big Bear Alpine Zoo has achieved a remarkable combination of captivating animal exhibits and sustainable water management practices. See Photo Gallery