Cayman Turtle Farm, LLC

Boatswain’s Beach is an 11-acre marine theme park expansion at the Cayman Turtle Farm, located on Grand Cayman Island, BVI. The focal point of this project is Boatswain’s Lagoon, a 1.5 million gallon sea water snorkel lagoon, predator tank (viewable by snorkelers) and interactive tidal pool.

Robert Satchell designed the LSS treatment system, with a 39 million gallons per day (MGD) recirculation rate, including bio filtration (nitrification), sand filtration, carbon filtration, ozonation, de-ozonation, automation, aeration and de-aeration. Robert was also responsible for design of the filtration system for a 350,000 gallon freshwater swimming pool. He provided design assistance with the water re-use system for irrigation. Also coordinated with the Department of Environment for saltwater discharge and possible impacts to the environment and the reef ecosystem. See Photo Gallery