Carbondale, IL

Satchell Engineering & Associates (SE&A) and Integrated Aqua Systems collaborated with Southern Illinois University (SIU) on a comprehensive project to design a total of 9 individual aquaculture systems and 3 individual alternate aquaculture systems. The scope of the project encompassed a wide range of aquaculture systems, including marine aquaria racks, a zebrafish system, a hatching system, a freshwater storage and distribution system, and a brine shrimp system.

SE&A played a vital role in the project by providing a detailed plan layout for the aquaculture skid systems, ensuring efficient and effective utilization of space. Additionally, they conducted thorough heat transfer and hydraulic analyses, contributing to the optimization of the systems’ performance.

The collaboration between SE&A, Integrated Aqua Systems, and SIU exemplifies their shared dedication to advancing the field of aquaculture. By designing and implementing these diverse systems, the project aimed to support various research and educational initiatives at the university. The comprehensive approach taken in this project underscores SE&A’s expertise in aquaculture design and their commitment to delivering sustainable and functional solutions for their clients. See Pictures