Earlier this month,  Como Park Zoo & Conservatory held a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open its newest exhibit, Como Harbor, the new seal and sea lion habitat. This exhibit redesign and overhaul features three different pinniped species: two gray seals, two harbor seals, and four sea lions, including Sparky.  Satchell Engineering & Associates state of the art life support design supported the architect and City of Saint Paul to help create a new home for Sparky and his friends.  Como Harbor’s forward-thinking design features include needed upgrades for Sparky the Sea Lion and her seal and sea lion friends as well as for Como’s visitors. Como Harbor is a momentous improvement that will exceed all best practices for the care of seals and sea lions. The habitat features a large salt-water pool that allows the seals and sea lions to swim and socialize outdoors year-round. New behind the scenes space will provide state-of-the-art facilities for the care of the animals.

From a newly shaded amphitheater to a new underwater viewing discovery zone, this multi-layered habitat provides visitors with many opportunities to get up close to the animals and greater insights into their natural behaviors and native intelligence.

Como Harbor is a $21 million reinvention and improvement of Como Zoo’s seals and sea lions exhibit in the heart of Como Zoo. The immersive and naturalistic design of the habitat features rocky outcroppings designed to reflect the Pacific coast. Como Harbor was designed to provide expert care for the animals with elements such as underwater transfers that allow seals and sea lions to swim in and out of spaces, and multiple locations for animal training sessions to allow zookeepers to provide specialized care for all three species that call Como Harbor home. Read More